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Fernando Gómez Muñoz, MD  PhD

Fernando lo-res.jpg

Dr. Gómez Muñoz is the lead consultant in interventional radiology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam) and coordinate the pediatric interventional oncology at the Hospital Clinic-Hospital Sant Joan de Deu consortium in Barcelona. Together with a multidisciplinary team, they built a pioneer ablation program for several pediatric malignancies including primary and secondary tumors in lung, liver and bone.


Dr. Gómez Muñoz graduated in medicine at th Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and became specialist in radiology at the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe (Valencia). He is also a PhD graduate at the Universidad de Valencia. He got the CIRSE grant for training in pediatric interventional radiology at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Currently, he develops several research project on the combination of locoregional techniques and immunotherapy and artificial intelligence intelligence and radiomics.

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